Below are the three reflective subsets I use during the day to help continually align myself to a mindset that’s focused on the truth. Now mind you, truth is factual, but it can be anecdotal (based on experience) as well. The first we should always align ourselves to, the second we need to use good reason in order to determine if enough people or enough of the right people have experienced success based on a certain perspective. Anecdotal truth simply means it hasn’t been established as fact because we haven’t had the opportunity to study it in a scientific manner, but that doesn’t eliminate the benefit, just be sure to proceed with good reason and caution. 

I highly encourage you to use these reflections to during your day in order to come to a better understanding of yourself, to gain temperance over your emotions, and to create within you a solution oriented perspective


Daily Reflections – Focus on the Truth 

Morning Reflection:


What am I connected (gratitude/love) with?


How do I avoid deception (vices)?


How do I embrace truth (virtues)?


Think freely (meditate) on how you will use truth to overcome current possible adversities (wisdom / good judgement).


Remind yourself that you can only control your thoughts and actions, that everything else is out of your control (reflect on the truth).




Day Reflection:


Constantly reflect on how you can improve yourself, but bear this in mind with regards to the truth. You cannot change the past, and the future will happen regardless, it’s how you choose to react in the present which dictates what you learn and how you feel. Keep an end in mind (plan) for advancement, in order to remove deception (vices) from your life, and to incorporate truth (virtue) into your entire being.




Night Reflection:


Did I live according to the truth (virtue)?


Did I treat the people with whom I interacted with in freedom (humility), and empowerment (truth), and did it serve to connect (love) them with their true self, my true self, and the Truth (God)?


What deceptions (vices) have I fought?


Have I optimized myself by cultivating truth (virtue) into my being?


Consider an end in mind (plan) for tomorrow, no matter what it may be, if you are compelled, then live in the truth of your authentic desires.


Remind yourself this day is complete, and there is nothing you can do to change what has already occurred, no matter how pleasurable (good) or how painful (bad). Accept it, and live in the only thing you truly possess, which is the now.