MainWhether you stumbled here by browsing the web or through one of my social media accounts I know the information on the pages before you will serve to empower, inspire, and fill you with the confidence necessary to triumph at life.

I love people and I’m devoted to the cause of leaving an empowering legacy for humanity. I’m passionate about fitness, martial arts, self development, philosophy, and spirituality. I’ve endured much adversity over the course of my life and have learned to transform past pain into present power and self-acceptance. My desire is to show you how to get the certainty needed to dominate life so you can have inner peace and reach your goals.

Oftentimes tragedy, adversity, and obstacles can leave us with little confidence in ourselves and how to get our heads above water because of the stress and pain we may be experiencing. This is especially true for those of us of who didn’t have the greatest foundation to start from, but it can happen for anyone. It’s almost impossible to create anything of value or meaning without having the power to cause change, which typically requires some form of confidence, and the self-acceptance needed to not stand in our own way.

That is why I’m determined and confident in my ability to give you the necessary tools, knowledge, and understanding in order to take control of and create the life you desire. When you’re able to transform pain and stress into a source of power and self-acceptance you greatly enhance your ability to rely on yourself and to create the experiences you want in life. Go ahead and check out the articles in my blog and be transformed by the renewal of your mind.