In earthy darkness ever so deep,

Pressures confounding me as I feel myself weep,

Like rain,

Tears flowing over,

As the shell of my heart being so hard begins to feel exposure.

Moving upward and out of the bleak cold,

Trying to break free of the soil that seems like a cast iron mold.

Reaching the ceiling through earthly crust I push,

Tempted to relent and give up only to feel like mush.

Yet with a desire to grow inside,

The shell lets loose,

I begin the process to self-actualize.

Breaking through the earthy ceiling I must,

Into the light of day as the tears nourish a newfound trust;

That somehow through the suffering and pain,

Growth gives meaning to something that felt once endured in vain.

As my sprouting leaves begin to spread,

I start to receive the Sun,

Now my heart glows knowing I am not done.

With arms raised high I know I can grow,

And with a legacy of love like fruit from a tree,

I can forever nourish everything that comes after me.