“The only source of knowledge is experience.” — Albert Einstein 

If knowledge is power, then words are weapons… but also sources of happiness, satisfaction, confusion, anger, joy, pain, and Being. 

Knowledge is something that people are made to strive for as soon as they’re born. There’s tv shows made for children, toys to help them understand how things work and develop their brain so that it can understand concepts that adults never even think about, and methods of speech to teach them how to communicate with others. Most interestingly, however, there’s school. Kids are put into school as early as they can walk and taught a multitude of different things. Why? Well, as stated before, knowledge is power. We begin education as soon as possible in order to empower people as soon as possible.

That being said, knowledge is still power. But do children really need to be given that kind of responsibility so soon in their lives? Well… yes and no. Obviously school is a good thing — it teaches things such as social skills, cooperation with others, and if the school is good, conflict resolution. The best schools are those such as waldorf schools, where creative thinking and imagination is prioritized in the earlier grades instead of how to read and count to 100. Obviously these things are important — I don’t intend to discredit that. I simply intend to point out that most schools don’t teach students how to think outside the box. 

So how does this fall back to Einstein’s quote? Well, experience is the best teacher because it leaves the best memories. Reading a book can be an excellent teacher for some people, especially if they have a good imagination. But for most, experience is truly the best solution due to the fact that every little variable is up to them instead of an outside source.

This information is neat and all, but how is it related to the rest of this blog? A little bit of time spent thinking about this question might give rise to a somewhat obvious answer: it’s relevant because everything else for you to read is a bunch of knowledge. I tell you about this quote and I analyze it and reveal my thinking to encourage you to do the same, and in turn seek out experiences to put the rest of these lessons (if you will) to the test. 

At the end of the day, humans are constantly seeking knowledge. It could be knowledge about how to improve their bodies or how to do a specific thing, but regardless we seek knowledge. Try to learn something new every day, or at least study what you think you already know. It’s crucial to understanding not only the subject, but yourself and your limitations.




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