“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

— Aristotle

I wonder how many times we’ve discussed habits on this blog.

As you should know by now, habits are everything. You can’t succeed without strong habits, and you can’t continue succeeding without a habit of that. Because of this, it’s important to stick to your habits, and if you don’t have good habits, to change them.

Habits are everything. We have thousands, if not millions, of habits that we engage in every day. We have a habit for the way we walk, talk, act, eat, sleep, move, think, decide, choose, predict, so on and so forth. Because of this, habits must be thought of as a necessary force to help us achieve our goals. 

We need to go out of our way to repeatedly do things that we know are going to be good for us. Aristotle knows that those who succeed do so repeatedly, and therefore success is a habit and not an act.

Same goes for excellence. You aren’t excellent at something every once in a while. If you’re really and truly excellent at something, you can do it at any time and any place. People will know you as the person to go to for help on the subject, and your reputation will reflect your actions and personality. This is important because then you can open up possibilities to become more excellent, and if you’re really lucky you’ll end up in a room where you’re excellent is everybody else’s average. This might seem like a downgrade at first, but then you realize that it gives you opportunities for learning, and if not that, competition.

Other people can show us how to do better at what we’re already good at, meaning other people are simply reflections of our true selves. Make a habit of doing excellent, and soon enough excellence will reflect in your own life.




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