“Our envy lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy”

Envy is a deadly sin.

If you aren’t christian, then envy is a bad way of thinking. Or evil spirits. Or a crazed mind. Whatever you want to call it, envy isn’t good. It leads to us never being satisfied. It leads to jealousy. It leads to anger. It leads to frustration and stress and anxiety and depression and everything else you can think of that’s bad. 

I’m sure you’ve heard people say that forgiveness is the best revenge. I’m sure if you’ve heard this you also have struggled with forgiving someone at one point or another. This is normal. One way to help forgive someone (or at least seemingly forgive them) is to think of it as a revenge plan. It sounds devious, yes, but if you can truly convince yourself to do it, it becomes a little bit easier and a little bit more genuine. “I’m so upset that you did these things that I’m going to forgive you and never speak to you again.” Again, sounds devious, but eventually you’ll really convince yourself that you forgive that person. You’ll struggle at times, but you’ll be able to remind yourself; “Yeah, they did some mean things and I wish I had done this or that, but I forgave them when they didn’t deserve it. That makes me stronger than them and it baffles them that I’m so kind.” Of course, when you aren’t upset this doesn’t sound very logical. That being said, when you ARE upset it’s a lot easier to be… well, angrily forgiving. 

Once you understand how to forgive someone, you can begin practicing it daily. Eventually you’ll begin forgiving people for more and more things until that limit reaches it’s max and you can genuinely forgive people for anything.

Learn to forgive. It trumps any other envy.




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