Imagine yourself for a moment looking at your future self, your perfect ideal. Now consider how that makes you feel realizing where you’re currently at. Likely, it doesn’t feel very good, and reasonably so, we fall ever so short of such a figure. Our problem lies in the fact that we choose to see this ideal as a destination rather than a direction or way. We choose to see this ideal as a point of arrival compared to the compass which guides our feet ever so closer to the place we desire to be.

What if we changed the way we viewed our future self? What if we saw the ideal self as the road or pathway under our feet guiding us along in a specific direction towards perpetual growth and progress? You see, our perspective and viewpoint of this will either propel us or inhibit us in life. What if when comparing yourself to anything, instead you viewed who you were in hindsight, and took note of the progress made in all aspects of life, both the tangible and intangible?

When we choose to compare ourselves to who we were as opposed to who we want to become, we can be encouraged and empowered, especially with regard to moving forward towards a desired outcome. When you see the ideal self as a path, a way, a road, or a direction, then you can learn to enjoy the journey as opposed to finding it to be drudgery and filled with self-loathing because you never reach the destination of perfection.

So if you’re pressing towards becoming something better than what you were in the past, then you’re already there. Just keep moving forward, your feet are on the way, your mind is already in the ideal state, moving from one degree of growth and victory to another. Now trust the process, have confidence in the path, and love the way. Over time you’ll take a moment to look back again and see just how far you’ve come.