We have the capacity to be so much greater than what we are, but this isn’t a reason to diminish who we are right now. I believe it’s a moral imperative to actuate our potential, but why? Well let’s flip that question on itself. Why not? Unless we’ve reached a point of hopelessness and despair, believing the future to be bleak (and if you do believe this then read till the end), then we are likely aiming to make things better than what they are. It’s a naturally intuitive aspect of being human. Even as a child without much conscious agency you were growing from nature, acquiring new skills, talents, and traits to ideally operate and function in the world as optimally as possible.

Your life has a seemingly limitless potential to it, but you must be the one to take action to bring this about. You can become what you choose to be. We can get trapped into the unhelpful perspective of looking to the world demanding something from it without first becoming the very thing we wish to see. You want more love in the world? Become and embody the very thing you seek. You want more peace? Become and embody the very thing you seek. You want more joy and laughter? Become and embody the very thing you seek. This is the possibility of more love, peace, joy, laughter, and any other beautiful quality you can imagine, and these are awaiting to be activated within the core of being so that you might bring them about in a world that desperately needs them.

Let’s focus on what we can control and that’s how we choose. Let’s choose to be and let’s choose to act in a way that influences and inspires change. If you believe the future is bleak, then start becoming someone who makes the future look bright. If you believe your fundamentally broken then do what’s necessary to become whole (the only thing that stands in the way is your willingness to find the answers and if you believe you’re still broken you need to keep looking). If you believe this world is a bad place, then become the person that makes it good. It starts with you and it starts with me.