“People can rob you of almost any possession, but hard work belongs to you and you alone.” — Firas Zahabi

Unfortunately we live in a world of materialism, where everybody cares about what kind of phone you have, where you live, what kind of car you have, and how expensive your outfit is. Admittedly this can be stressful and depressing, and it might even seem like there’s no escape from it. 

On top of this stress and anxiety we get from being pushed towards being rich, some of us have to worry about our riches being stolen from us; whether it be fame, money, property, etc. All this does is adds to the stress and leads to an eventual self destruct. It’s a pretty harsh cycle.

Since our physical possessions can be robbed, that leaves us with only one thing: our mind. Our mind can hold everything we’ve learned and put it out into the world for us to share with others. At the end of the day that’s what we end up doing with everybody else: sharing our ideas. 

We also have our physical body. We can build it up so that we’re strong and healthy and live a long life. Of course there’s exceptions to this — people end up disabled or hurt and lose the ability to move their bodies. But for the general population, exercise is a good way to unite your mind and body. 

An even better way to unite your body and mind is through martial arts. This narrows down the barrier between the two, so you can move your body in specific ways without your mind holding you back or restricting you. This is also a good way to practice mental discipline because of the physical strain that’s put on your body. 

Once you build up your body and discipline your mind, confidence blooms. You become secure and satisfied with your own body, and things start to fall back into place.




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