From: Chris Goode

Edited By: Adam Davenport



The Most Important Question

Who are you?

Have you ever genuinely asked yourself that question before?

Too often we live life being someone we are not for the sake of others, but never considering our own authentic self. We work to please others, to earn their favorable opinion and approval, but at what cost? In the end we become someone we’re not, and the life we lived was really a false one.

So this begs the question: how do we become our true accepting selves?

I’m here to offer hope that can become reality, because the time for holding ourselves back is coming to an end, and the time for unleashing our limitless potential by becoming who we were always meant to be, our true accepting selves, is here.

Ego, the False Self

The first thing we must realize is that our ego, our false identity, is the source from which we find ourselves unable to change or accept correction. It’s arrogant to assume we know everything; only through humility and the willingness to accept correction can we begin the process of change for the better. We will never achieve true joy and true greatness unless we’re willing to accept that we could be wrong, and then are able to accept the necessary corrections in order to make our lives better. Do not be the person who is unwilling to accept a better way because of arrogance. Do not be the person who wasn’t true to themselves because they lacked self-awareness. Our potential is so much greater than that; let’s not limit ourselves due to fear, and see the value that humility and acceptance bring to our advancement as human beings.

Fear Controls Us

The next thing we must understand is the role of ego, which is the source of fear, which is always based on a deceptive and an incorrect perspective. We protect our ego and false self through defensiveness, resistance, and unwillingness to accept correction pertaining to our fears in order to maintain a false sense of security. Otherwise we may find ourselves in an existential crisis realizing our safety to be false, and knowing we were living in a way that wasn’t true to who we really were and who we actually are. Fear controls us, disempowers us, and ultimately disconnects us from our true selves. It’s what holds us back from making the decisions we know we should make, therefore putting us under its control, which disempowers us from fulfilling our limitless potential through good reasoning, and ultimately disconnects us from accepting who we truly are, and who we were always meant to be. Recognizing this is the beginning of good reasoning. We must not allow ourselves to continue accepting the lies we tell ourselves, and the only way to change that is by accepting the truth.


Truth (Acceptance) Sets Us Free

The only cure for a life which has been limited, prevented, and inhibited by fear, is by beginning to accept the truth and making a commitment to the truth at all costs. When we learn to accept things as they actually are, and we place our total confidence in the strength, safety, and comfort truth and acceptance ultimately provide, we will be set free from the ego, the false self, with its outpouring of bad reasoning that was the result of fear and lies. Initially, it’s the most difficult thing we will ever commit to, but what we will begin to recognize is the freedom it provides will begin to remove fear and self-deception completely and totally from our lives, only leaving us with good reasoning because we are able to be corrected by whatever may come our way, so that we can always find solutions to our problems. We can’t change what happens to us in life, but we can decide how to react in a way that serves to free us, empower us, and connect us with who we truly were meant to be and who we truly are, which is a fearless being, living in the truth, and navigating life with good reason.


Presence, the True Self

So, what’s the result of a mind which is committed to the truth, and is able to realize that the past cannot be changed, that life happens in the present, and we ultimately have no control over the future? I’ll share this: as we are now able to live corrected in all things, we will be able to accept our entire being; mind, body, and spirit, and become impenetrable to the things which we cannot control, which is whatever lies outside of our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Once we recognize the truth that we are unable to change the bad judgements and opinions of others about us, then we will be totally present with who we truly are and were always meant to be. We will accept our true passions, the ones which we knew would benefit us. In the past, we believed the lies that fear produced, but now in the present we are capable of believing the freedom truth offers.

The Good News

With that said, you know what you need to do, therefore do it. When you’re not trying to control what you never truly controlled in the first place, you will grow in varying degrees of presence until you are constantly and perfectly present. It will feel like you are swimming downstream with the flow of the river of life instead of swimming upstream against the current. What this means is you will experience a perfect focus, which enables to attend to the task at hand, not finding yourself distracted or discouraged by external circumstances which you cannot control, but simply by your ability to seek out and accept the truth in the given situation, accept truth accordingly, and become stronger. It’s in this that you will finally know who you truly were meant to be, and who you truly are, and be able to declare with fearless confidence and hope, “This is who I am!”