Success Stories

Real recovery stories

Hear directly from those who have embarked on their healing journeys with me. Their transformative experiences are a testament to the power of hypnotherapy in overcoming post-breakup struggles.

I saw Chris about an emotional eating problem I had since I was a child. I would always stuff myself at every meal. It had made it hard for me to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight and being overweight had been causing me so many problems. Within 45 minutes of Chris' guidance, I discovered an important time in my life that had created a false belief driving me to overeat. A few days later while eating, I realized I had stopped unconsciously because I was full. I felt no need or urge to finish everything on my plate or stuff myself for the first time I can remember. After decades of overeating, my new normal has been to stop eating when I am full WITHOUT EVEN TRYING. Thank you so much, Chris!


For me at the time, I never had a male presence that wanted the best for me. He showed me that men were healthy and that I deserved the best. He deeply supported me even when I didn't believe in myself.

Till this day I look back and remember our conversations during our coaching sessions, and I think to myself, if I would have never met Chris, where would I be in my life? What would I have chosen or not chosen? I can say I took chances in life thanks to Chris.

If you are stuck, unfulfilled, in a terrible romantic relationship, needing that helping hand, Chris is your guy.

Achieving Fulfulling Relationships

I remember seeing Chris on a FB live advertising his Life Coaching business and talking about important topics that resonated with me on a deep level.

I ended up writing him, and to make a long story short, he took me on as a client! I would too because I definitely needed the help, lol.

As the weeks to months went on, talking once a week with support 24/7, he had me face obstacles I would have never faced on my own. He pushed me in ways I've never been pushed before. He rooted for me and knew I could do anything. He was gentle yet firm in his approach to show me the things that were not for me in my life.

Life Coaching

I have decided that I'm not going to initiate an 'ending event' quite yet. I almost sent him a message this morning asking to finish our phone, but I did not send. I think I need another week or two. If I find that it's too hard, I will then initiate a talk. I'm just not quite ready for the drama and emotional fallout.

I am going to find things to accomplish in the meantime.

I feel so much better and clearer today,

Thanks to you!


Chris, honestly, I'm extremely grateful to have met with you. In just one session, I made a significant mindset transition. Before the session, I couldn't stop thinking about what my ex was doing, and I felt regret for all my mistakes throughout the relationship. After the session, I view things completely differently. You helped me subconsciously realize that I am in control of certain areas in my life, and if I focus on those areas, I will be way better off in the future. I went into the session depressed about my past and came out extremely optimistic about my future. Thank you for all your help; I would highly recommend others to give advanced conversational hypnosis a try!


I came to Chris because I'd been having trouble getting over someone who didn't like me back. It had been a painful year and a half. Even though I had swallowed the pill that there was no reciprocity, I still couldn't get myself to detach from this person.

But after just one session with Chris, I got these amazing insights, some deep self-reflections, and a new perspective. By the end, I was like "aha! - I'm wasting myself over this person." It was a big burden that was lifted, and I felt so much at ease knowing this new "truth".

I highly recommend working with Chris to anyone going through relationship trouble and heartache.


I have worked with Chris Goode for several years. He helped me recognize that I have the ability to change the way I see the world. My anxiety is more under control because I have learned how to control my breathing better. I am so thankful that Chris is helping me fight through my tears.

Alan Loh

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia