“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” — Confucius

Work is a frustrating topic for a lot of people. 

Some people hate their jobs. Others love them. Unfortunately most of the time, the people you meet don’t like their jobs. Why? Why would people actively choose to do something they dislike every day? Why would they actively choose to do something that drains them of their life and energy? It’s a question with a fairly simple answer: society is formed around jobs.

Okay, maybe the answer isn’t so simple after all. Society is formed around jobs… including those that people hate doing. Everybody who has a horrible job knows that they have a horrible job — and yet they stay in that job because they know it benefits them. 

So. The reason for not choosing jobs we love is because we’re often forced into a bad job by society. We might also have started our job when we were younger, and now we don’t know what to do without it. What’s the solution? What’s the way out?

In this case, the solution is the cheat code. (Ooohh… I’m proud of that one :D). If people approached work with a mindset that it’s something they get to choose doing, they might actually end up in a job that’s not half bad. Furthermore, if people strived toward a job they really want, they’ll end up doing something that they enjoy — and a job done by someone who enjoys it is much better than a job done by someone who hates it. Unfortunately this is one of those things that’s simple in theory but difficult in execution. That being said, nothing is impossible unless you give it the title of such.

Confucius was way ahead of his time. It’s almost as if he knew exactly what to say for people to listen to him over 2000 years later. He tells us to choose a job we love — which is exactly what we should do. Ideally a job that we love is something that we enjoy, something we do better than everyone else, something we’re constantly improving upon, and/or something that nobody else has thought of.

I encourage you to open up your mind to the possibilities that await you. When one door closes, another one opens… and through that door are five more doors for you to open. Keep your eyes open for opportunities, and stay wide awake for your chance.




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