100th Blog Post, yay!!

No quote for today though, because I wanted to focus on a specific concept that doesn’t really stick to any one idea that I could find a quote for.

   I’d like to preface this by saying that most self help influencers assume that everybody wants the same things: a lot of money, a huge mansion, three kids and a lamborghini. Although I’m sure everybody would enjoy having those kinds of things in one way or another, we can’t all practically get that. Not only that, but most people don’t even genuinely want that, they just want to be financially stable. My point in bringing this up is to highlight this assumption that most self help influencers have, and then explain that I understand that not everybody wants that.

Knowing this we have to ask ourselves what we really want. Obviously we don’t all want the same things, if that were the case then everybody would have everything they wanted and there would be no need for capitalism or any other form of marketing. 

This is especially true when it comes to procrastination. We only have so many things that we can care about, and whether or not we like to admit it we won’t be able to care about all of those things all the time. Trying to do that just sets us back further.

To animate this idea in your head I want you to imagine that you have 20 apples, and you’re told that for every apple you eat you’ll make ten thousand dollars. Trying to care about everything all the time would be like taking one bite out of every apple — yes, you made a mark, but it wasn’t concentrated enough to do anything and you haven’t made any real progress. 

We add another layer onto this if we think about certain apples being worth more than others. Maybe eating apple #1 gives you ten thousand dollars, but eating apple #17 gives you a dozen times that. It makes more sense to eat the apple that gives you more first, and if you can go back for the other apple later then even better.

This way of thinking is probably above anything else I’ve discussed due to the progress that can be made when combined with other methods I’ve talked about. Focusing on only a few problems and chipping away at those will get you a lot farther than trying to tackle everything at once, so keep that in mind today when you start trying to get things done.




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