One of my favorite quotes is from Grant Cardone and it goes like this: “success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.” Have you ever considered self-improvement a moral imperative? What I mean is that have you ever considered loving yourself, actuating your seemingly limitless potential, and allowing that to positively impact those around you an ethical matter? Jesus Christ wisely said, “love others as you… love yourself.” That’s the golden rule and often we consider the loving others part without the implication of loving self.

We have no idea how great we can become. We have no idea that in our pain may be the cure, not just for ourselves, but for others as well. It’s through that process of refinement that we may inevitably be able serve others in a way which we couldn’t have in our previous state of being. As we develop virtue and work diligently to become our best selves, climbing from one level of success to another, we are able to help far more than before we began. Does this diminish what we did before we evolved? Of course not, but if it’s in our capacity and ability to help others and serve more then why wouldn’t we?

When you see that the degree to which you master yourself is directly linked to your capacity to love others then you will see that self-development and success aren’t just internet self-help tropes, but a moral and ethical imperative, a necessity. If there was some cure that could rid people of disease and the government was hiding it, we’d cry in outrage. What you need to realize is that within you is the cure for something, it’s a treasure deep within, and there’s only one way to find out what that is, which means digging deep to untap your potential. Your life matters, probably far more than what you realize.