Have you ever been at a place in your life where things were messy?

Chances are what was going on outside was also going on inside. It’s interesting to see the relationship our inner being has with our environment and vice versa. It’s also why you feel better after you clean your house or organize.

Then there’s also that pull of unpleasant desires we experience within ourselves that lead us to find things outside ourselves which might not always be the best way to fulfill the want we have within. Maybe it’s feeling lonely and reaching for anyone to just acknowledge us. Perhaps it’s stress, so we grab something out of the fridge in hopes of burying the feeling under a cascade of sweet tasting deliciousness.

The experiences come from within, yet we find ourselves looking to our environment and things outside ourselves to satisfy the wants we have. What if we took care of our needs and desires in a way that was fulfilling, beneficial, and helpful to our overall wellbeing? What if we filled our own cup, so then if we felt so inclined, we could step in and help someone else fill theirs?

Self-love isn’t selfish, it’s self-full. What I mean by this is that the ecology or the interaction of genuine self-love with others is one that’s beneficial. When we take care of ourselves, we no longer find ourselves being a liability, but an asset. This is in regards not only to others, but to ourselves as well. Everyone benefits when we have ourselves in order.

If you feel your life is in disorder whether that’s reflected internally, externally, or both, then what’s the most loving thing you could do for yourself? If you looked at yourself as your own best friend and offered yourself advice, what would you say? We all know the answers internally, but sometimes we choose not to listen.

Now from the examples early, with regards to relationships and stress, understanding the intention behind trying to fulfill those wants and needs is important. Stress, it’s an uncomfortable emotion and there’s ways of dealing with it that can improve or diminish the quality of your life. The same goes for relationships.

So let’s go back to the messy house. What in your life isn’t the way you’d like it to be? What can you improve? What sacrifices need to be made? Remember this, the actions of self-love often precede the feelings of self-love. If you want to feel content, confidence, and joyful then action needs to be taken in order to cultivate that experience in your life.

When we get ourselves in order then we can move out and help others. In fact, we won’t only be able to help them, but help them effectively and from a position of security. This is building your life on a sure foundation and that foundation is love.

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