We all have a journey we are on in order to find who we truly are. In life what we all truly desire is to have people support us in our path to self-realization, discovery, and understanding. Perhaps you could also call this path the way to salvation. The worst thing we can do to ourselves, and to another, is be unwilling to accept them as they are. When we don’t forgive someone we remain lodged in the past, and are unable to move forward into the hope of the future. When we forgive others who’ve wronged us we are free from the burden of the past. You can only truly forgive another if you believe you are able to be forgiven. If you don’t forgive others, it’s simply a reflection of your belief that you’re not able to be forgiven yourself. When you love others with acceptance and forgiveness then you have shown yourself as one who believes they are accepted, forgiven, and loved. I am accepted, forgiven, and loved by God, myself, my family, my friends, and loved ones.